Group disability insurance helps provide financial stability and added peace of mind by replacing lost income if a person falls ill or becomes injured and cannot work for an extended period of time. And, unlike workers’ compensation, this economical coverage pays a benefit even if the illness, injury, or accident takes place at home.

Group life insurance is a benefit offered by groups to their members -- most commonly by employers to their workers. With a group life insurance policy, the insurance contract is between the group and the insurance company, and the participating group members receive certificates of coverage.

  • It is easy to qualify for coverage. Unlike an individual life insurance policy, where you might be rejected, group life coverage is guaranteed and there are no medical questions. The insurer bases the premium on the risk of the group as a whole and considers such factors as the ratio of women to men, members' ages, and the kind of work they perform.
  • When offered as part of a basic benefits package, the coverage is often free to the employee, with higher levels of coverage available at group rates.

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