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July 17, 2023

Gag Clause Prohibition and Attestation Reminder

As previously reported, insurance carriers and plan sponsors of group health plans must submit information annually to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) attesting that their plan(s) do not include prohibited gag clauses. The first attestation is due December 31, 2023.
July 4, 2023

MHPAEA Exemption Ends for Self-Funded Governmental Health Plans

According to the CMS guidance, sponsors of a self-funded non-federal governmental group health plan that had previously opted out of MHPAEA are generally required to comply with the MHPAEA requirements beginning with the first plan yearncommencing on or after June 27, 2023. However, a special rule applies to collectively bargained plans which can result in a delay to the sunset date for a limited time if certain requirements are met.
June 22, 2023

2024 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSAs

The IRS released the inflation adjustments for health savings accounts (“HSAs”) and their accompanying high deductible health plans (“HDHPs”) effective for calendar year 2024, and the maximum amount that may be made available for excepted benefit health reimbursement arrangements (“HRAs”). All limits increased from the 2023 amounts.
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